Censers – Hand Censers

The Censers that we use in the sacred temples are movable metal utensils where the incense is burned and the priest censers the “Honest Gifts”, the images and the faithful.

They symbolize the human nature of Jesus Christ and the prayer of the faithful.

The Censer consists of a metal container like a glass, at the bottom of the charcoal, and at the top is based on four chains that each has three bells that symbolize the sounding sermon of the Christian teaching.The four chains symbolise the four Evangelists and the four Gospels and the Twelve bells that hang from the chains symbolise the Twelve Apostles.

The Katsio is another type of Censer in the shape of a special, small size and is used for incense in the sequences of the bridegroom and during the reading of the big or royal hours on Christmas Eve and Theofania and on great Friday.