The Altar is the most sacred point of the Church and it is found in the center of the holy pitch.On the altar is the sacrament of the Divine Liturgy and it is called a sacred altar because on it is the sacrifice of the Lamb of God in order to redeem all believers.

The altar symbolizes the tomb of Christ, the tombs of the Holy Martyrs and the table on which the Last Supper was held, during which Christ delivered to the disciples the Sacrament of Communion.But above all it symbolizes the throne of “The Great King of God” and for this reason the Gospel that is on the altar depicts Christ seated on a throne.

The altar is the last point constructed during the construction of a temple. In the inauguration of the Church is “consecrated” by the sacred relics are placed together with beeswax and frankincense, then washed with myrrh and placed a cover the so-called “Katasarkio”.

After the consecration, it is not allowed to be moved or transported. The Holy Altar is covered by gold-embroidered covers which symbolize the holy Shroud and the Shroud of Christ as well as the Holy Viceroy. The Holy Gospel is placed on the altar, the Blessing Cross, the Tabernacle and the Vigil Lamps.