The Tabernacle is placed on the Altar. There is the Sacred Tabernacle (property) and the Taber of patients (mobile).

It is a luxurious sealed box in which the consecrated Saint Bread is kept infused with the honest blood of the Lord from the Divine Liturgy of M. Thursday, which is held in remembrance of the Last Supper.

The Tabernacle are metal containers usually gilded. They are manufactured in various sizes by experienced craftsmen in a way that defines the tradition of the church. The Tabernacles are decorated with crosses and with angels of the Lord. Extracted on Holy Thursday and dried to maintain until .Of the consecrated aunt’s function.

During use it is moistened to soften with common wine to those believers who are seriously ill and unable to attend in the celebration of the Eucharist or other emergencies as well as in infants after baptism.